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vendredi 22 mars 2013

ChewbaccaSideshow Exclusive Edition

The mighty Chewbacca distinguished himself from his kin at an early age, when he began to exhibit a keen longing for travel and adventure. After aiding Jedi Master Yoda during the initiation of Order 66, Chewbacca left his home in the giant wroshyr trees of Kashyyyk and began to explore the galaxy.

Because of their great strength, Wookiees in those days were coveted as slaves by the Galactic Empire. Proving himself to be a difficult catch for slavers, Chewbacca increased the already-sizable bounty on his head when he began to systematically free his Wookiee brethren from Imperial bondage.

Then came the day when one such rescue ran afoul of an Imperial TIE Fighter squadron. While the rescued Wookiee children evaded the Empire's clutches, Chewbacca himself was captured and tortured. But the leader of the TIE Fighter squadron, a young Imperial lieutenant named Han Solo, took pity on the Wookiee's plight. Forswearing his oath to serve the Empire, Solo rescued Chewbacca and the two escaped together to the stars.

Chewbacca swore a Wookiee life debt to Solo, and a contentious but steadfast friendship formed between them. The two shared many misadventures, doing their best to avoid any Imperial entanglements, but all-too-often failed. Until ultimately, just such an Imperial encounter led Chewbacca and Solo into service with The Rebel Alliance.

Wrapped in the protective hull of the Millennium Falcon, Chewbacca and Solo aided their rebel friends with unflinching navigational skills, daredevil panache, and plain old luck. They played a game of high-stakes chicken with an Imperial Star Destroyer, sent Darth Vader spinning into space at the Battle of Yavin and even shook off a flight of Imperial TIE Fighters in a high-speed chase through an asteroid field (at odds of 3,720 to one).

In the end, Chewbacca would play a crucial role in the Rebellion's final victory. With his Wookiee battle-cry echoing through the trees, he led an organized band of furry savages to victory at the Battle of Endor. In paving the way for the downfall of the Galactic Empire, Chewbacca also saved Solo and his friends, proving himself a paragon of Wookiee honor through the fulfillment of his life debt.

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