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lundi 15 octobre 2018

Lignes de bataille
Visibilité limitée
Sabotage des vaporisateurs hydrolique
Team de Mickael
- Boba Fett 140pts
- General Veers 80pts
Présence imposante 10pts
- Speederbikes 74-Z 90pts
Comlink 10pts
- Speederbikes 74-Z 90pts
Comlink 10pts
- Stormtroopers 44pts
Stormtrooper avec DLT-19 24pts
Stormtrooper 11pts
- Stormtroopers 44pts
Stormtrooper avec DLT-19 24pts
Stormtrooper 11pts
- Stormtroopers 44pts
Stormtrooper avec DLT-19 24pts
Stormtrooper 11pts
- Snowtroopers 48pts
Snowtrooper 12pts
Lance Flamme 20pts
Grenade 5pts

Tour 1
Vapo A 1 dommage
Vapo C 1 dommage
Tour 2
Vapo A 1 dommage
Vapo C 1 dommage
Stormtrooper Me A -3
Stormtrooper A -3
Stormtrooper Me B -2
Stormtrooper B-3
Tour 3
Speeder Bike A -1
Speeder Bike B -1
Vador 1 dommage
Stormtrooper C -1
Speeder Bike B mort
StormTrooper A -2
Vador 2 dommages
Vador 2 dommages
StormTrooper C-2
StormTrooper A mort
Snowtrooper -2
Speeder Bike A mort
Tour 4
StormTrooper C mort
Scout trooper -1
StormTrooper B mort
Snowtrooper mort

Je perds la bataille car j’ai mal compris l’objectif et je n’ai pas soigné mes deux évaporateurs alors que je pouvais le faire Durant les deux premiers tours sinon la partie est complètement maitrisé de mon côté. Je ne perds aucune unité complète.

Positions clés
Environnement Hostile
Positions Avancées

Team d’Axel
Darth Vador 200pts
Saber Throw+Force Reflexes +Force Push
Stormtroopers 44 pts
Concussion Grenades + Stormtroopers
Snow troopers 48pts
Snowtroopers 48pts
Boba Fett 140pts
Hunter + Targeting Scopes
Scout Troopers 60 pts
DTL-19x Sniper
Speederbikes 74-Z 90pts
Comlink 10pts

Tour 1
Vodor 3 dommages
Snowtrooper A -3
Boba Fett 1 dommage
Tour 2
StormTrooper A-1
Snowtrooper A mort
Vador me 1 dommage
Vador 1+1 dommages
StormTrooper B -3
Boba Fett 1 dommage
Vador 1 dommage
Vador me 1 dommage
StormTrooper A mort
Tour 4
Speeder Bike -1
Snowtrooper B -3
Tour 5
Speeder Bike mort
Snowtrooper B mort
Scout Trooper mort
Vador mort
Tour 6
Stormtrooper mort

Dans cette bataille je fais le plein en prenant les trois objectif et en tuant toutes les unitées ennemis tout en ne perdant aucune unité. De là je gagne le titre de boucher !!

samedi 13 octobre 2018

Tournoi Star Wars Legion du 13 Octobre à la Waagh

Round 1
G Mike / Xavier P
P Axel / Lionel G
Thomas bye
  Round 2
P Mike / Lionel G
P Axel / Thomas G
Xavier bye

 Round 3
G Thomas / Lionel P
P Axel / Xavier G 
Mike bye

1er Thomas
2e Lionel
3e Xavier *
4e Mike 
5e Axel

* Au vue des batailles où l'empire (Xavier) abat 14 armées (complètes) et ne perds aucune unité (complète) il obtient le titre de BOUCHER

mardi 9 octobre 2018

Preview Specialize your army

"This is our most desperate hour."
   –Leia Organa, Star Wars: A New Hope
Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce the Rebel Specialists Personnel Expansion and the Imperial Specialists Personnel Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion!
Order your own copy of these expansion packs at your local retailer or online through our website today!
Armies are more than just soldiers. To wage an effective war across the countless planets of the Star Wars galaxy, both the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire need recruits who can do more than fight. In the chaotic battles of the Galactic Civil War, soldiers who can facilitate communications, keep their troops and vehicles in the fight as long as possible, and effectively lead every part of their army into the thick of the battle are just as valuable as the rank-and-file. These supporting troops keep armies up and running, and now, they’re making their ways to the battlefields of Star Wars: Legion.
In each of these expansions, you’ll find everything you need to incorporate these specialists into your Star Wars: Legion units. Four finely sculpted specialist miniatures, including an officer, a comms specialist, a medical droid, and an astromech droid stand ready to support your units, while three new command cards give you the chance to further hone your battle plan and plot your strategies. Finally, an array of upgrade cards let you further customize your units, turning them into crack teams of soldiers. Releasing in the first quarter of 2019, these two expansions open up new possibilities for your Star Wars: Legion armies!

Veteran Instincts

Both the Rebellion and the Empire are fortunate enough to have their share of powerful leaders. No matter if their troops are led into battle by the inspiring presence of Leia Organa or terrified into performing their best by the intimidating Darth Vader, each faction’s commanders bring their own style to the battles of Star Wars: Legion, shaping the flow of battle with unique abilities and signature command cards. But the Galactic Civil War rages across many worlds, and these commanders cannot be present at every battle. In those cases, both Rebellion and Empire rely on their veteran officers to implement their battle plan and seize victory.
Appropriately, then, both personnel expansions give you an alternative to these more well-known heroes in the form of non-unique Rebel and Imperial officers. Not as widely celebrated as other commanders, these officers contribute to the cause nonetheless, making your armies more flexible with their ability to be deployed in two different ways. On one hand, these minis can be added to a specific unit as its leader, inspiring the troops in that unit to new heights.
On the other hand, these officers can take on a larger role, becoming a cheap alternative to your other commanders. In this case, they can benefit your entire army by filling the role of commander, spotting targets for your other units or helping them take cover. Regardless of how you use them on the battlefield, the officers in both personnel expansions are accompanied by three new command cards that can be used by any commander in their faction. A good commander needs to coordinate with all their troops and, appropriately enough, these cards let you issue orders to any type of unit, ensuring that the right unit is ready to go exactly when you need them and letting you tailor your strategies to specific units in your army.
We’ll take a closer look at both the Rebel and Imperial officers and their command cards in future previews!

Special Forces

Officers on both sides of the conflict oversaw many of the unsung battles of the Galactic Civil War, working alongside their troops to capture objectives and secure victory. But they are far from the only troops to take on a specialized role within their units. Many Star Wars: Legion units, such as Rebel Troopers and Stormtroopers, feature the personnel icon in their upgrade bar. Thus far, these spots have been reserved for adding extra figures of the same type to these units, adding extra dice to their attack pool and making the unit a bit heartier.
With the miniatures included in these personnel expansions, however, you suddenly have more options for customizing your units and enhancing the effectiveness of your army. Each miniature supports your units in a different way and can give even the most basic trooper squad a purpose beyond blasting away at enemy forces. For example, assigning a Rebel Comms Technician to a unit of Rebel Troopers adds a comms upgrade, potentially making this unit a linchpin of your strategy, receiving orders from the far side of the battlefield, relaying orders to other units, or even jamming enemy transmissions.
We’ll take a closer look at the other miniatures in these expansions, including all of their upgrade cards, in future previews!

Ground Support

Armies that operate efficiently and effectively rarely taste defeat, and with the Rebel and Imperial specialists on your side, you can be sure that your troops will be at their best.
Look for the Rebel Specialists Personnel Expansion (SWL26) to release alongside the Imperial Specialists Personnel Expansion (SWL27) in the first quarter of 2019. Pre-order your copies of these expansions at your local retailer or online through our webstore today!

Second bipode peint

mardi 18 septembre 2018

Les Tueurs de Kashyyyk

« Il ne faut pas indisposer un Wookie. »
   –Han Solo, Star Wars : Un Nouvel Espoir
Malgré leur taille imposante, les Wookies sont normalement paisibles et fiers. Cependant, après des années de souffrance sous la domination Impériale, de nombreux Wookies se sont rendus sur les champs de bataille de la guerre civile galactique en tant que membres de l'Alliance Rebelle. A ce titre, Fantasy Flight Games est heureux d'annoncer l'Extension d’Unité Guerriers Wookie pour Star Wars™ : Légion !
Commandez votre exemplaire de l’Extension d’Unité Guerriers Wookie auprès de votre commerçant favori ou sur notre boutique en ligne dès aujourd'hui !
Kashyyyk, la planète natale des Wookies a connu sa part de conflits intergalactiques au cours des dernières décennies, et les Wookies feront tout ce qu'il faut pour protéger leur foyer. Bien qu'ils soient peu présent sur les champs de bataille, les Wookies peuvent rapidement entrer dans une rage frénétique que les rares ennemis survivants n'oublieront pas de sitôt.
Dans le cadre de l'Extension d’Unité Guerriers Wookies, les généraux Rebelles trouveront tout ce dont ils ont besoin pour ajouter un groupe de Wookies à leur armée en tant qu'unité de forces spéciales. Les quatre figurines non peintes et faciles à assembler décrivent des Wookies en train de charger dans la mêlée en brandissant leurs lames Ryyyk. Dans la même extension, vous trouverez cinq cartes améliorations uniques afin de préparer les Guerriers Wookies à tout ce qu'ils pourront affronter sur le champ de bataille.
L’Extension d’Unité Guerriers Wookies sortira en même temps que l’Extension Agent Chewbacca dans le courant du quatrième trimestre 2018, vous donnant ainsi la chance d’inclure la crème de Kashyyyk aux batailles de la guerre civile galactique qui se déroulent sur votre table.

Vente figurines SW mini

Rares 4 euros Very rares 12 euros envoi en colissimo frais de port non inclus
Pour l'achat de 3vr
Pour l'achat de 2r

OFFRE 4VR pour 50 euros

Ferus Olin Rebel
Luke Skywalker Jedi Master New Republic
Baron Fel Empire
Admiral Yularen Republic
Darth Vader Empire
Padme Amidala Republic
Boma Promo
Naga Shadow Sith
Bomo Greenbark Fringe
Captain Mar Tuuk Separatist
Kol Skywalker New Republic
Lord Hoth Old Republic
Grievious Kaleesh Warlord Fringe
Moff Morlish Veed Empire
Nomi Sunrider Old Republic
Han Solo on Tauntaun Rebel
Darth Vader, Legacy of the Force Empire
Dannik Jerriko Fringe
Voolvif Monn Republic
Darth Vader Unleashed Empire
Jar Jar Binks Republic
Princess Leia, Rebel Hero Rebel
Tion Medon Fringe
Obi Wan on Boga Republic
K'kruhk, Jedi Master Republic
Atton Rand Old Republic
Obi Wan Kenobi, Padawan republic
Captain Argyus Republic
Xizor Fringe
The Dark Woman Republic
Prince Xizor Fringe
General Rieekan Rebel
Wat Tambor, Techno Union Foreman Separatist
Chewbacca of Kashyyyk Republic
Leia Organa, Senator Rebel

Kyp Duron New Republic
Princess Leia, Hoth Commander Rebel
Kyle Katarn Combat Instructor New Republic
Darth Tyranus Legacy of the dark side Separatist
Major Maximilian Veers Empire
Moff Jerjerrod Empire
General Solo Rebel
Zuckuss, Bounty Hunter Fringe
Qui Gon Jinn, Jedi Trainer Republic
Lando Calrissian Rebel Leader Rebel

Membres de l'AFSWM

- Xavier P
- Jean Michel S
- Thomas D
- Frederic C
- Kazu
- Vincent D
- Clery N
- Pierre ( Algan )
- Tanguy
- Aurélie L
- Laurent P
- Angélique L
- Sylvie D
- Georges F
- Maxime
- Christophe C
- Pierre Auguste
- Yves de N ( Ywoo )
- Nyffenegger Yann
- Collobert Alexandre
- Michel Alexis
- Jobineau Franck
- Vaillière Olivier
- Landais Sébastien
- Pozzi Stéphane
- Ezzatpanah Mohammed
- Alzoubaidy Alexis
- Alzoubaidy Rouslan
- Jaslin Vincent
- Christophe Guy
- Loizeau Sacha
- Loizeau Frédéric

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