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samedi 23 juin 2012

resultat open wisconsin

13 joueurs et encore une victoire de Tim Ballard (8ème open gagné depuis 2010) avec une team Sith (1ère fois dans un open) !!

So the final standings with full squad lists are:

Tim B with "Jaq'ed Up" -- Revan, Jaq Rand, Kaan, Rulf, Lobot, Exar Spirit, Mouse x2, Rodian Brute

Logan with "Cheater Squad" -- Jaq Rand, Bastilla JM, Carth, Clobot, Jedi Diplomat, Jedi Watchman, Klat Captain, Jedi Sith Hunter

Jake with "Fallen Angel" -- Revan SL, Celeste, Rakghoul x2, Sith Wrangler, Uggie x2, Mouse x3, Lobot

Drew with "Drew's Squad" -- Atris, Eschani x5, Thrawn, R7, Mouse x2, Uggie

Owen with "All my Friends are Dead" -- Plo Koon JM, Ordo, Yularen, Queen Amidala, Arc Snipers x4, R2 Astromech, Spaarti Demolitionist x3, Mas

Eric with "The Ol' Ladies" -- Bastilla JM, Atris, Eschani x3, Brianna, Juggernaut War Droid, Mouse x3

Tim A with "Last Minute Rebels" -- Luke Hoth Pilot Unleashed, Yoda of Dagobah, Princess Leia, Cade BH, TBSV, R2, Dodonna, Rieeken, Mouse, Uggie

Mark with "Weir Going Commando Again!" -- Thrawn, Weir, Imp Gov Tarkin, Storm Commando x3, Devaronian Assassin, Pellaeon, Mas, Wicket, R7

Tristan with "Commando Terror" -- EG05 JH Droid, Elite Commando Droid x3, Adv Dwarf Spider Droid, Battle Droid Lieutenant, Battle Droid Sergeant, Geonosian Overseer, Rune Haako, San Hill, Mouse

Steve with "Band of Heroes" -- Boba Fett BH, Galen, Luke in ST armor, R2 with sensor, Juno, Dodonna, Elite Rebel Commando, Rieeken

Aaron with "Sith are Better than Everyone" -- IG88 Assassin Droid, AniStap, Ordo, Fi, Arc Sniper x3, R7

Garrick with "Ladies of the Old Republic" -- Nomi HotJ, Exile, Jaq Rand, Jedi Healer, Antarian Ranger x2, Jawa Scout, Mouse

Lydia with "Kazdan's Kronies" -- Han Solo Rogue, Luke HoY, Kazdan, R2, Jek Porkins, Anakin Spirit, Rieeken, Wookiee Freedom Fighter, Bothan Noble


très instructif :excellente idée la combo Revan/Atton/Kaan :

bonne lecture...
j'adore la demi-finale où il écrase la team empire echani/Thrawn/atris en 15minutes...

My squad:
--'JAQ'ed up!--
62 Darth Revan, Sith Lord
36 Atton "Jaq" Rand
36 Lord Kaan
27 Lobot
16 Grand Admiral Rulf Yage
14 Exar Kun, Dark Force Spirit
6 Mouse Droid x2
3 Rodian Brute

(200pts. 9 activations)

Frequently brought 3 rodians, 2 mouse droids and Salacious Crumb through Lobot.

My map - Bothan Spynet

Round 1: vs Aaron with Republic, Ordo, Arcs, IG-88 Assassin and Anistap.
My map. This was one were Aaron didn't own R2-D2, and his squad suffered because of it. I don't remember a lot from this game, but I won. I remember IG being a nuisance in the back (can't though bomb him, Atton suffers against him), and he was the last one to kill. I was methodical in setting up the Dark Aura fueled thought bomb to kill Ordo, and in the end it took an extra 2 turns to get the ghost in place to do it, but I finally did it, and succeeded. 3pts

Round 2 vs Steve with Rebel heros (Boba Fett BH, Galen, Luke in ST armor, R2 with sensor, Juno, Dodonna, Elite Rebel Commando, Rieeken).
Steve is one of the nicest guys you'll meet, and he and his son play regularly at the shop there in WI. Of course I had to fear Boba BH's big D, and Juno was a major annoyance. Galen is no slouch of course, so this was no simple task. We played on my map, and I went last in the round even with his dodonna (his 8 vs my 15, but he went 1st due to my MT), and I sprinted 20 squares toward his command crew with Revan. I won init and had him go first, and he moved Dodanna a few squares back thinking he was safe. Nope. Moved 18 with Revan and swapped in Kaan, and blew up Reeikan, dodanna, and hit Galen for 80 (he even missed the reroll). The ERC made the save and lived with 10 HP. He got more points for that transaction, but I got the edge. Now easily able to out-activate him and no evade for the ERC, Juno and Galen, the battle was definitely tipped in my favor. As he advanced I was able to get a line on Galen and take him out with Atton (no evade for Galen = dead meat). Next was Juno, who was making it hard to swap where I needed to. Then I made the move for Boba, and between end of round and beginning after my MT aided roll, I finished him off. When all he had left was a 10 hp luke and I had a full HP Revan and a Atton with 20 left, I took an AoO on purpose and Atton died (is that cheating?), but finished him with G.A.R.Y. 3pts (6 total)

Round 3 vs Logan ("Cheater Squad" -- Jaq Rand, Bastilla JM, Carth, Clobot, Jedi Diplomat, Jedi Watchman, Klat Captain, Jedi Sith Hunter)
Hilarious that he had a sith hunter vs a sith squad. He even smacked Revan on an AoO for 40 (nice!) Good squad, the watchman/Jedi diplomat combo was great, he advance both as a pair and there was not much I could do about it. Except thought bomb. More on that later. He did roll reserves on the second init (d'oah!), but only brought in 3 figs. If he brought in a bunch to out-activate me, he might have won. He did bring in a Rakghoul and sent it straight for my brutes (yikes!), which was hard to kill without swap (thanks to Bastilla). He advanced Carth to open a door, and I sent out salacious to take away his evade. I moved just enough with Atton to kill Carth, and then I did finally kill the rakgoul, and waited out Bastilla's 2 rounds of ABM (not as hard when you out-activate). I was patient to wait for the Dark Aura boosted thought Bomb, and was rewarded. Dead Atton, dead watchman, and Diplomat with 10 left. Bastilla runs to try and do something, but too little too late. Finish off the diplomat, and the KC, then Bastilla shortly to follow. 3 pts (9 total)

Side note - Jake gets beat by an 11yr old due to sloppy play and being distracted by being a judge. Community - we need to lynch him. He let a kid win!!!

Round 4 - vs Owen ("All my Friends are Dead" -- Plo Koon JM, Ordo, Yularen, Queen Amidala, Arc Snipers x4, R2 Astromech, Spaarti Demolitionist x3, Mas)

So - 1 round left, I am the only undefeated. I know I am in the finals no matter what. Weird feeling of Deja Vu. I am facing the kid who just beat Jake. 11 year old Owen. Good little player. He really was excited to be in contention for the final 4. He did great that day. . . Too bad I had to crush him (or I would be cheating). I tried to make him cry guys, I really did, he just wouldn't. When I chose his map (Throne room) he thought he had me. Just setting him up for the fall. He advanced up Ordo, 2 snipers and 2 spaartis on one side, and 2 snipers, the queen and a spaarti on the other, leaving Yularen and Mas safe in the back. He towed Plo up to get round 1 gambit. Well I had my lane to get Ordo, 2 spaartis and 2 Arcs with a thought bomb and I took it. I had to take an AoO from an Arc to get everyone, but it was with Kaan and he was gonna die anyway, although the Arc hit once with Opportunist, and then Crit on the twin and almost killed Kaan right there. But Kaan had 10 hp left and I didn't roll a 1 for init, so boom-ski! Ordo failed his save and you just saw Owens face drop. No room for sympathy in the SWM community. I had to crush him or I would be cheating. So I relentlessly and methodically didn't allow him another attack for the rest of the game. I kept on the move and wouldn't even give up a rodian. No mercy, 11 yr old! The community has spoken, I must annihilate you without remorse. I take out Plo next and he is crestfallen, saying "Now my squad doesn't work at all". I really thought I was gonna get him to cry here, but he troopered on. I took out both remaining Arcs in one turn with Atton, and swept up the rest in quick order. I could have let him get a few rodians or mice in the end (just to keep him encouraged and excited for the game), but I didn't want to be accused of cheating - so I tried to make it so he would never want to play again. Crushing little kids spirits, that's what I'm about now. 3pts (12 total)

We go to the finals, clean cut all players with only 1 loss make it, 2 losses and you're out (sorry little Owen!)

Semi-finals vs Drew (Atris, Eschani x5, Thrawn, R7, Mouse x2, Uggie)
It was a quick match. He wins map (Muunilinst) and he steps up all his squad on the side with the 4 rooms. I set up straight across. He advances all 5 Echani into the first room. I sprint Revan up into the room and swap in Kann. Boom! Game over. Lasted less than 15 min due to that huge mistake. He was aware of Though Bomb, but he just didn't see how far Revan could advance.

Logan beats Jake in a nailbiter, Logan getting 3 crits on Jake's Revan to bring him down. I was so sure it was going to be a Sith on Sith finals, but instead it was a rematch of Good Atton vs Bad atton.

Finals - vs Logan ("Cheater Squad" -- Jaq Rand, Bastilla JM, Carth, Clobot, Jedi Diplomat, Jedi Watchman, Klat Captain, Jedi Sith Hunter)
Theoretical question to the community - is it still cheating to let a kid win if it's the finals match? I didn't - just curious. This time he wins map - Rancor Pit. But it doesn't do him any favors. He plays the diplomat and watchman just right, advancing them together as a pair. He played Bastilla just right in our first game, waiting one round and them doing ABM 2 rounds in a row. Typically that is the right move, but not on an open map where you are out-activated and facing swap + MT. He had no idea I could get as deep as I could, and advanced his shooters to behind the center wall. I sprinted Revan up and swapped Kaan, and ran him 12 into position (taking 2 meaningless AoOs on the way). Didn't roll a 1 for init and clobbered Atton and Carth (bad rolls for him) and made his jedi suffer too. It wasn't long before I cleaned up the rest. Finished in under 30 min.

Sith wins it's first regional, I win my 8th.

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